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Naval Amphibious Force, TF 51-5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade


Naval Amphibious Force, TF 51-5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade

Naval Support Activity Bahrain
Marines welcome new commanding officer to Bahrain

By Gunnery Sgt. Matthew O. Holly | Command Element, Marine Forces Central Command Forward | August 18, 2013


Marines and sailors in Bahrain welcomed their new Headquarters Company commanding officer to the United Stated Marine Corps Forces Central Command (Forward) team, Aug. 15 in a change of a command ceremony here.

Maj. Sally A. Falco replaced Maj. Melanie R. Bell-Carter as the MARCENT (FWD), Headquarters Company commanding officer. Falco says she is very excited about her new assignment.

“As the commanding officer the one thing I am most looking forward to is to continue to instill our Corps’ values into the Marines, ensuring they take care of one another,” said Falco, a Detroit native. “Many officers aspire to be a CO. It’s one thing to be selected based on ability, but it’s more important to lead Marines and sailors and have a positive impact on their lives.”

As the commanding officer and by the same token, Bell-Carter will miss leading and impacting the unit’s members the most.

The Cleveland, Miss., native said, “I will miss interacting with all the Marines and sailors daily and having them come into my office to speak with me about their career progression as well as their personal challenges and successes.”

No one can be sure what lays ahead for the new CO and her Marines and sailors, but one thing is for sure, she hopes they will continue to grow and foster a positive unit atmosphere.

“I believe all Marines should be versatile and well-rounded,” said Falco. “My goal is to boost the morale so high that if they had the chance, they’d go to recruit training all over again.”

Bell-Carter asked the command to continue to support the company as they did during her tenure.

“The new company commander is a great leader and she will continue to do what it takes to make the company function properly,” said Bell-Carter. “I have enjoyed my time at MARCENT (FWD) as the administration and personnel officer in charge and my temporary appointment as the company commander. There are great leaders in the company office, all they need is the continued support from everyone to make things run as smooth as they should.

“I am not leaving the island, just moving on to a new billet. I will still be present and available to all who need my assistance or just a listening ear,” she said.

She concluded by asking each and every member of the unit to continue to work hard, stay Marine, and support and take care of each other.