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Naval Amphibious Force, TF 51-5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade


Naval Amphibious Force, TF 51-5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade

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TF 51/5 Spotlight on IT3 Devin Somers

By LCDR Sandra Arnold | TF 51/5 | August 30, 2018


U.S. 5TH FLEET AREA OF OPERATIONS (Aug. 30, 2018) – As a help desk technician for Naval Amphibious Force, Task Force 51/5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade (TF 51/5), Information Technology Specialist 3rd Class Devin Somers stays gainfully employed as part of an integrated Navy and Marine Corps team to keep nearly 250 computers running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“I train new Marines and Sailors in computer troubleshooting as well as radio operations,” said Somers, who is both the ONENET and Marine Network administrator for the command. “I enjoy teaching new joins about the way the network works at TF 51/5 and learning new troubleshooting techniques myself to better my career. I feel that my work makes a difference because not only do I teach people how to do this job, I feel that people know they can come to me with confidence that I will get the job done.”

Now half way through his one-year deployment, Somers says that his hard work is paying off.

“I recently made Sailor of the Quarter and was selected to be in the color guard for the change of command ceremony in July,” said Somers. “Being a part of the color guard was challenging and it took a lot of time and patience to learn something completely new and out of my field, but it felt good to be selected for this role.”

Once finished with this deployment, he will return to USS San Jacinto (CG-56) and resume his duties as a radio operator and help desk technician.
“Information technology is a growing field in the world,” said Somers. “I plan on learning as much as I can during this deployment as well as working toward earning applicable certifications so that I can be prepared to pursue a career in the civilian sector when I complete my obligation with the military.”

A native of Pacific, Missouri, Somers is currently pursuing an associate’s degree in Cyber Security and the Enlisted Information Dominance Warfare Specialist pin. In his spare time, he enjoys weight lifting and scuba diving. 

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