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Naval Amphibious Force, TF 51-5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade


Naval Amphibious Force, TF 51-5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade

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TF 51/5 spotlight on Staff Sgt. Lizel Mercedez

By | TF 51/5 | July 31, 2018

In summer of 2008, Staff Sgt. Lizel Mercedez experienced a significant life-altering event, leading her to join the Marine Corps a few months later – a choice that changed her outlook on life.

Mercedez, a 10-year veteran, serves as a staff secretary, protocol chief and an assistant family readiness officer for Naval Amphibious Force, Task Force 51/5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade. She joined the unit January 2018 and took the position in the staff secretary’s office within the first week.

“My job is to make life easier for the staff in the front office, plan events, coordinate special gatherings and make preparations for distinguished visitors,” said Mercedez. “At the end of the day, when things are running smooth, I know I have done my job.”

Mercedez’s multitude of tasks includes management of calendars, route correspondence between offices, keep families abreast of any changes while their loved ones are deployed and to lead a small team of non-commissioned officers.

“I’ve attended a certified protocol course, which helped me a lot,” said Mercedez. “There are a lot of challenges in this job, such as figuring out how to properly manage requests and finding best solution to problems. This position made me more confident talking to people and it provides great benefits in the long run.”

Mercedez’s most memorable moment while working at TF 51/5 was during Eager Lion 18, where she was planning events for the command and working with Jordan Armed Forces (JAF).

“Once you see all your hard work unfold, it’s the most rewarding feeling,” said Mercedez. “While working with the JAF, I made incredible friendships and connections, enjoyed the diversity of languages, religions and ethnicities, as well as made lasting friendships.”

Mercedez plans to stay in the Marine Corps for the long run. Her goal is to get promoted to gunnery sergeant, learn more about her job and submit a package for warrant officer program. Her motto is ‘have a great attitude, because it’s contagious.’

“I have had the pleasure of meeting amazing individuals throughout my military career that have guided, mentored and buckled me down when I needed to be reminded that everything I do and say has a consequence,” said Mercedez. “I have grown over the years in my Marine Corps career, but I continue to serve for the same reason I joined – family.”

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